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3.08 Wireless Girl poll

Poll #1714836 3.08 - Wireless Girl

I think the coming episode, Wireless Girl:

Will have a Hafidha focus (look at that title!)
Will have a Hafidha focus (the extras and the previous episode suggest so)
Will not have a Hafidha focus (it doesn't match well with the established timeline)
Will not have a Hafidha focus (look at that title, the authors love to mess with us like that)
Will relate to Hafidha and her story line, but in a roundabout, indirect way
I have no idea
The ticky is a lie
What is it with those ticky boxes, anyway?
Modern-day mermaid


I noticed something curious in today's episode, Ligature. In act I, when the team arrives to Seattle, the locals present them with a page they have received in the mail, presumably from the UnSub.

The relevant passages are quoted Collapse )

What caught my eye is word "ligature". I fail to understand just what Chaz is referring to. Possibly this is an English-as-second-language issue (some use of the word i'm not familiar with?) but if it isn't, then it suggests that there are ligature in the drawing as will appear later in act 4 - and making the profile given above be of the alluded-to hunter (for which the episode appears to be named), and not of the episode's gamma.

ETA the next day: indeed an English-as-second-language issue. Present working hypothesis is that as the above-quoted scene seems to serve no narrative purpose other than to introduce the word "ligature", possibly we are being encouraged to layer this reading of the word with the one relating to garroting.

character archetypes

So back on the SU forums dwg posted Cal's list of what team member is which archetype:

Coyote - Chaz
Rabbit - Hafidha
Fox - Sol
Spider – Reyes
Mongoose – Daphne
Tiger – Brady
Raven – Esther
Owl – Frost
Puss in Boots - Nikki

I've removed the various connotations made explicit because I want to see various people's takes on these. Now, Collapse )

Your oppinions?Other characters you want to mate with archetypes?

Chaz's B-day post

So, today is the birthday(lay day?hatch day?) of the team's resident genius and platypus. Who's bringing what to the party?

Since I don't know what's traditional Haloween food is I think I'll simply bring him a big bag of homemade pralines, which are wickedly easy to make, as long as you don't mind watching pots closely: when I made them I usually used this recipe but I ran across several others that looked good over the years. Who else is coming over?

So, about that Sibling Thing

So, yes, I probably shouldn't be doing this with a concurrent discussion post, but this is (a) driving me slightly crazy, (b) is related to said concurrent discussion and (c) i'd like to give it its own space.

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