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shadowunitfans's Journal

come to the WTF, we have cookies

Sign of the Disgraceful Platypus
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Home for Shadow Unit fans on Livejournal- Come in and feed the betas
Hi, and welcome to shadowunitfans, LJ home of Shadow Unit fans.

If you are not familiar with Shadow Unit, go here.

We only really have three rules:
Respect the authors. Their policy on fanworks is here.
Be nice to each other. Don't be mean, don't harass, try to not do anything that may be suspected as either.
Stay on-topic. Posts should be relevant for the Shadow Unit fandom.

Your mods are antongarou and hagar_972. If you need to contact the mods, go here.

Please familiarize yourself with the tagging system before posting. Please tag your entries properly. If you are missing a tag or if you are unable to tag (posting from a client), please leave an in-post comment for hagar_972. hagar_972 is the Resident Tagging Fairy and is here to help in all things tag-related.
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